Thursday, June 6, 2013

Injecting New Ideas

Most of us have been brought up to accept government health policies. We have grown accustomed to believing in health strategies that are portrayed to be in our best interest. We believe, because we expect people to be like us, fair and just. Yet, inherently we know that most decisions are made with profits in mind. We shake our heads that governments wouldn't lie to us, especially if what they're saying is about our health or the health of our children. Paradoxically, most of us don't believe politicians to be very honest people. However, in the end, the majority of people do what they're told, in the illusion that someone else is looking after them and forgetting that companies back up politicians.
Vaccines are comprised mainly of mutilated or dead viruses, mixed in some soluble concoction. When you are injected with a vaccine, you are actually being given the virus. The goal is that your body develops antibodies to fight that virus, should it ever be introduced into your body in its full glory. It is common to suffer side effects related to a vaccine, some more severe than others.

While working with youth and adults for a number of years, I'm often overwhelmed with the number of people experiencing the 'worst flues' of their lives after a few days, (or weeks) of receiving the H1N1 vaccine. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of getting the vaccine, when the result is getting the actual ailment? I have encountered students who lost weeks from school because of flues, some even experienced paralysis following the inoculation. For example, there has been an emergence of cases of Narcolepsy being reported in children in Finland and Sweden following vaccinations with H1N1. Many doctors and health care professionals in that country refuse to take the vaccine themselves. When it comes to Gardasil, the preventative vaccine that supposedly protects young women from 4 types of HPV; diseases associate with cervical, vulvar, and vaginal cancers. Young women are being subjected to painful and debilitating illnesses as a result of this vaccine, yet health professionals keep toting it as safe. People are not being given full information regarding the side effects of the vaccine. Written information is biased, presenting only the benefits of the drug, and non of the controversy surrounding it. See the website from the One Click Group - End the Lie.
In my line of work, young women have shared with me some of their personal health issues; from chronic, painful low abdomen pains, to suspicious cell growth to cancer diagnosis. When I asked this group of young women if they ever received the Gardasil vaccine, they have all said 'yes'.
Recently I was shocked by what my son shared with me. As a grade 7 student, and during one of the routine public health inoculation visitations at his school, the nurses announced that the girls needed a 'special vaccine' and that if they thought they might be pregnant, they should announce it. My son was confused. How can any of the girls in my class be pregnant? He asked me. He had no idea what the vaccine was for, and neither did most of the young girls. I can't image a 12 year old girl putting her hand up in class to announce she might be pregnant! Where do these people get their training? And why aren't these young girls and their parents made aware of all the risks involved. They get a slanted, one sided view that H1N1 and Gardasil, are necessary and safe vaccines, while no opposing information explaining short or long term side effects is presented to them in an objective fashion. News agencies only promote the vaccines through public health announcement, while never presenting cases where people have either died or have been mutilated as a result of taking these inoculations.
The question that comes to my mind is: Why are our children receiving so many vaccines? For what purpose? This is not a conspiracy theory, but a valid question in light of increased vaccination programs. Dr. Ben Goldacre: on a talk on speaks about 'Battling Bad Science'. His talk focusses on how pharmaceuticals only publish positive results and distort the evidence to present seemingly safe drugs. As a result, health professionals end up prescribing drugs and vaccines without really knowing any of the potential dangers.
Isn't it time that we take matters into our own hands. Let's become more informed citizens, let's not just accept what is dished out to us. Lets question whether drugs and vaccines are truly necessary or beneficial to our health. Seek to know if they have been properly tested, and if the results have been properly published. Do a self-assessment to determine if the risks outweigh the benefits of accepting such an intervention before you allow someone to inject unknown fluid into yours' or your child's bloodstream.
We need to encourage school principals, teachers, PTAs to look at all sides of an issue, see both sides of the data, to know whether or not vaccinations are effective or necessary, or outright harmful.
Pharmaceuticals have vested interests, and it is a common fact that many pharmaceutical executives have bounced in and out of public government office. Medicine is a big business and it is tied intractably with politics. Be aware, not everything is being done in your best interest. If you have doubts about a certain drug of vaccine, refuse it! After all, most of our grandparents lived long lives and they didn't have most of the inoculations we give our children today. In fact, it is a misguided belief that life spans in the western world increased due to vaccinations, but in fact, the dramatic increase was more a resulted of the implementation of sterilization of surgical instruments and improvements in daily hygiene practices.